Let me try to tackle my theology.

As an adult and parent, I became attached to and versed in Judaism which informs my view of the world tremendously. I am extremely fond of the Torah, as literature, fable and soap opera; as an historic jumping off point for discussion, query and doubt. I embrace Jewish values deeply.

As to God–I was never clear in the past. I certainly thought if an all powerful God was operating, that he sure didn’t give me my full measure of compassion. So, it was about me.

In my early 30’s, I studied with a rabbi whose hero was Bob Dylan. He always ended weekly Torah study with this, “Remember, when you look into the eyes of another human being, you are looking into the eyes of God.”

This concept made a great impression on me and I have carried it forward for decades, not exactly sure what it meant. Sensing there was something in it that made some spiritual sense to me.

Many years later, I found myself in an Interfaith/Interspiritual Seminary where we were faced with our relationship (or not) to God on a daily basis.

Through this searching and the collection of my life experiences, what I believe today is that we are each fitted with godliness, the summation of which adds up to a powerful potential and obligation for us to make change in the world–either on a one to one scale or in the world arena.

I believe there is a Grand Spirit of Creation that places us here in this world. Whether that is born in physics, metaphysics or God no longer matters much to me, other than intellectual pursuit. I believe there are forces that originate nature, the life cycle, perfect imperfection and the need to love.

We are all connected. There is tremendous commonality among all human beings and that moves us into great compassion and understanding which is necessary for the world’s survival.

I seek what is good in every religion.

–Rev. Lynn

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