Love Makes the World So Much Better

They were dressed to the nines.

One was clad handsomely in white tails, decorated tastefully with silver embroidery, appearing as out of a vintage fantasy. The other wore a strapless gown sewn from endless yards of pale pastel tulle – flowing Iayers to the ground and resembling a most enticing, multi-tiered wedding cake.

That’s what I saw when I walked into the venue to perform their wedding ceremony one hour hence.

They greeted me enthusiastically, telling each other, “Yay, Lynn is there, now we can thankfully calm down.” I was touched by this observation and happy that they felt I would help to assuage their nervousness.

There was, as always, last minute work to be done. We convened in the Bride’s Room, an annex off the restaurant’s main room where dinner would later be served to 135 hungry and celebrating guests.

I had this hour to acquaint myself with two sets of parents and to corral, meet, congratulate and direct the other members of the wedding party.

This couple had opted to not have the rehearsal the night before, rather to do it just before the ceremony and prior to any guests arriving. Then there were witnesses to locate so that the marriage license could to be legally signed.

There are nearly always a glitch or two that want to dominate a joyful occasion and in this case, that rule of thumb prevailed.

The parents, who were to bring the suitcase, inside of which were packed all the last minute essentials, including the required marriage license, were teeth-grindingly delayed in traffic. And the guests were outside pouring into the courtyard.

While we waited, I offered up the mounting anxiety to a spirit of faith that all would work out fine, serving to relax the wedding twosome. I requested some moments of privacy with them so that we could have a brief meditation and the imparting of my message of beautiful imagery and perspective. As a result, another round of calm found its way into the couple’s demeanor.

Then, it was discovered their vows had been left at home on the bedroom bureau and worry returned. Having learned that an officiant, like a Girl Scout, must always be prepared, I reached into my portfolio of tricks and pulled out a copy of their vows. The room filled with an extra dose of oxygen that came from the enormous sighs of relief.

At last and as usual, everything began to fall into place: the parents and suitcase had finally arrived, the license was signed and witnessed, the wedding party participants had rehearsed and lined up correctly knowing their parts and guests were seated outside – al fresco in anticipation.

The processional music began. At the agreed cue from the DJ, one by one, we made our way down the center aisle, surrounded on both sides by the beaming smiles of those attending. Joy was in the night air.

Throughout the ceremony, this couple stood facing each other adoringly, clasping hands, their sometimes tearing eyes seeing no one else and grinning. Their ceremony spoke of welcoming friends and family, remembering the departed, inviting spirit to the altar.

The guests heard a good deal about them, how they met and how their bond and love grew over years of adventures and toil. They partook in a sharing of wine ritual and presented their heartfelt personal intentions and vows. And, as I always do at all marriage ceremonies, I blessed them and legally pronounced them, “It is now my great pleasure to present you as wife and wife.”

My professional aim is to always create a unique ceremony that speaks specifically about each couple. Yet, each ceremony requires some standard elements, regardless of religious or non-religious affiliation and regardless of gender. So often, when people hear that I am an interfaith and interspiritual minister, they ask if I perform same-gender marriages. I answer with an enthusiastic “Yes”, though I am slightly baffled by this query, as my role is to legalize love. Love has been around for eons and we have been eons overdue in recognizing that love between any two people is love that cannot be denied. Whom people love is a universal right; it is a treasure that makes our world go ‘round and makes it so much better. As it always has and always shall.  Amen.

–Rev. Lynn
Photo Above, Danna & Hillary, Married Oct. 2013
Photographer Erica Camille
Wedding Video by Christian Mortensen

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