Planning Your Wedding?! Relax

First things first: Congratulations!

While your wedding day will be a glorious moment in your life, try to keep your perspective. What is really important is that you and your partner have reached a new point in your loving relationship. You have decided to spend the rest of your lives together building a beautiful future. No matter what takes place before or on your wedding date, you will have a long and precious adventure to look forward to together.

Having said that, and having worked with so many couples regarding their nuptials, there are clear steps that can be taken to make the planning process easier.

  • What You Both Want: Take the time to speak at length together about what each of you envisions for your dream day. Prioritize what is most important for both of you. Understand that this event process is exactly that–a process that can change along the way. Make a pact to make the process fun.
  • Budgeting: Be honest and realistic about your budget and agree to stick to it, even if it requires compromise.
  • Family & Money: Come up with a strategy for handling family members who may be contributing a large amount. In this common situation, express your gratitude in accepting your parents’ gift(s), but that you would need to maintain final word on your wedding decisions. For the parents who want to take control, I recommend you ‘give’ parents the last word on up to 3 details (and only 3) that are especially important to them.
  • Timeline: Familiarize yourselves about a Wedding Planning Timeline and adhere to it. Such timelines are readily available online and in books or magazines. Seek advice of trusted friends.
  • Divide & Conquer: Look over the timeline and divvy up the tasks between you. Meet no more than once a week to discuss your progress. Check off completed tasks and move on.

Remember there is life beyond wedding planning to be enjoyed!

–Respectfully, Rev. Lynn

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