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About Rev. Lynn

I’ve always been profoundly interested in the world and moved by different cultures, religions, customs and rituals, as well as how to harvest the great happiness and meaning from love, family and raising children. I explored many paths in pursuit of these interests–from social worker to entrepreneur to human resources director–before finding the one that wove them all together and unlocked my true mission in life: becoming an interfaith minister.

I was ordained by the One Spirit Interfaith-Interspiritual Seminary in New York City, am licensed to perform marriages throughout the United States and beyond and have a Masters of Social Work from Hunter College. I am certified by CASA, advocates for foster children. I am also certified in Jewish Studies by the Florence Melton School of Hebrew University in Jerusalem and by Disaster Chaplaincy Service to serve as a disaster relief minister, enabling me to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy as well as people recovering from the aftermath of any disaster.

Strong values about commitment to community service were significant in my upbringing. I have been actively involved in many areas concerning justice that include: LGBT issues, children, adolescent and elder needs, gender equality, victims of domestic violence, feeding and rights of homeless people, education, religious and spiritual organizations, free health clinics and animal rights. In addition, to review a list of charitable organizations I support please go to FAQ section.

I was born and raised in New York and have traveled all over the world. I have two children, one son-in-law, two stepchildren, two step-grandchildren and two small dogs named Diaz and Dora.

Previously, Rev. Lynn Gladstone was selected a winner in The Knot Best of Weddings, an award representing the highest-rated wedding professionals as reviewed by real couples, their families and wedding guests. Rev. Lynn thanks all of her incredible wedding couples for their support.

I am delighted to announce the 2017 publication of my first book: The Marriage Mix, How to Create Interfaith/Interspiritual/Intercultural Wedding Ceremonies, A Step-by-Step Manual for Ministers. In addition, a useful guide for Marriage-Bound Couples. Read more about it on my Blog. Buy it on Amazon!

My Approach

Life’s major milestones deserve special recognition. And one of my greatest pleasures as a minister is helping you mark them with creative religious or non-religious ceremonies that bring forth the event’s meaning for you and for those who matter most to you.

That’s the goal of every ceremony and service I create: to inspire joy or reflection in each and every person there. This is why no ceremony is the same, because no couple or family, no path to love or lifetime event is ever the same. Each ceremony is custom and personalized. It’s a collaboration; one designed to be enjoyable and enlightening and evolve out of our getting to know each other.

There are no rules to how the ceremony needs to be done; only the ones we conceive together. Ceremonies can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. They can pull from traditional services and rituals or invent new ones. God can be present in any form or in no form at all. We’ll work together to define your wishes so we can mark your occasion in a way that is meaningful and authentic for you.

I consider myself an interfaith, intercultural and interspiritual minister. I believe there are innumerable ways for us to interpret the world around us. Being interfaith enables me to serve all people through their beliefs.

I’m intercultural in recognizing that more and more our backgrounds and heritages are blending in marriage and I am here to help facilitate this cultural phenomenon.

And I’m interspiritual, believing that all faiths are grounded in the idea that there exists a universal connection and oneness among all living things. While all faiths essentially embrace the values of love, hope and compassion, it is the diversity of all faith practices that ultimately adds to the richness of our lives and to the world around us.

I am based in Los Angeles, California and am available for local and destination events anywhere around the world. To learn more, please see about Lynn or contact me.


I regard performing ceremonies as acts of grace–a bringing forth of joy or healing in the lives of the people I work with and in the world around them. Please know that I donate a portion of your fee in your honor to a charity of your choice. My basic price for a custom wedding service is $500. If you have any questions about my pricing, please contact me and I would be happy to discuss it further.


My basic price for a Custom Ceremony is $500. A non-refundable deposit of $250 will be requested to hold the wedding date. The option of holding a separate local rehearsal is an additional cost of $100. I do local and destination weddings and am happy to officiate or co-officiate. Travel expenses apply for distances over an hour from Los Angeles, California.

To give you an idea of what a wedding ceremony typically includes:

  • A complimentary thirty-minute consultation where we’ll start to get to know each other.
  • A basic fee of $500 for a Custom Ceremony.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $250 to hold the wedding date.
  • Up to two meetings to discuss the ideas and details of your ceremony, giving consideration to your wishes, values and the role of your family.
  • A questionnaire that is carefully designed to help me know you and learn what you truly want for your ceremony.
  • Ongoing communications over email, phone, or video.
  • The option to review the first draft of the ceremony.
  • Should they arise, help resolving family members’ differing expectations.
  • Resources for music and readings.
  • Coordinating with your wedding professionals.
  • Help planning out the details of your wedding day.
  • Help developing your Wedding Program.
  • The option of holding a separate local rehearsal for an additional cost of $100.
  • Wedding day: 10 minute pre-ceremony meeting.
  • Balance of fee paid before the ceremony.
  • Presentation of the ceremony.
  • Legalizing and filing of the marriage license.
  • Charitable donation: a portion of your fee is donated to a charity of your choice.

A Sweet and Simple Service is another option for couples seeking a more modest local ceremony or elopement ceremony, which includes the following:

  • A complimentary consultation by phone, video or in-person.
  • A basic fee of $350 for a Sweet and Simple Service.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $175 to hold the wedding date.
  • A brief questionnaire to learn more about you as a couple.
  • A short service with your choice to include: welcoming of your guests and god/spirit, if appropriate; presenting how you met, and your reasons for getting married; introducing vows you create or I provide; conducting a ring exchange and a blessing.
  • Witnesses provided for a fee of $100, if needed.
  • Balance of fee paid before the ceremony.
  • Presentation of the ceremony.
  • Legalizing and filing of the marriage license.
  • Charitable donation: a portion of your fee is donated to a charity of your choice.


For all other ceremonies and services, fees range from $300-$600. For these events I request a non-refundable deposit of $250.

If you would like to discuss my pricing more specifically, please contact me and I would be glad to do that with you. I look forward to hearing from you.


I’m excited to talk with you about your upcoming event. I provide a complimentary thirty-minute consultation that we can schedule to answer any questions you may have. Thanks to Skype and Google Hangout Video Chat, I’m easily reachable from anywhere in the world so please don’t let distance hinder you from contacting me. I very much look forward to hearing from you and to working with you for your special occasion. References are available upon request.

Reverend Lynn Gladstone
Email: lynn@lynngladstone.com
Phone: 914-552-5567


"I have to confess, when my fiancé and I first came to Reverend Gladstone to talk about our wedding ceremony, we were completely clueless. Thankfully, our lack of direction didn’t faze Lynn. She put us at ease as she patiently guided us through the planning process. In the end, she gave us a beautiful ceremony that captured everything we felt and wanted to say to our friends, to our families, and to each other. It truly felt like OUR wedding–we weren’t simply playing a part in someone else’s idea of what a wedding ceremony should be. Thank you so much, Lynn, for gathering our scattered thoughts and putting them into words. It was a moment neither of us will forget."

Abbie & Masato, Married

Dec. 2012

"A Wonderful Wedding Ceremony with Rev. Lynn Gladstone. When Hillary and I first spoke to Lynn she was warm, welcoming and very calming. We understood that she performs wedding ceremonies as a passion. A thoughtful guide, really listening to what YOU want, she is a beautiful writer, and has a talent for digging deep to really know you and your significant other. The ceremony was a perfect mix of humor, reflection and tradition. We are proud to be the first same-sex couple that she wed, and would without hesitation recommend her to anyone looking for a superb interfaith reverend."

Danna & Hillary, Married

Oct. 2013

"The Perfect Wedding Ceremony; Truly Captured the Two of Us. We chose Rev. Lynn based on her reviews, which were outstanding. I can say now, they were accurate. I can’t tell you how many guests approached my husband and I after the ceremony to tell us how personal, special, and unique they found our wedding performed by Rev. Lynn. Rev. Lynn focused on what WE wanted out of the ceremony and what was important to the two of us. She took the time to get to know my husband and me: how we met, how our relationship has evolved, what we love about each other. It was as if time stood still; something that we will cherish always. We enthusiastically recommend Rev. Lynn…"

Becca and Joe, Married

Dec. 2013

"What a wonderful wedding – we received so many compliments about the ceremony, you did such an excellent job!"

Laura & James, Married

Nov. 2013

"Life Affirming Ceremony. My best friend, of thirty years, was dying in St. John’s Hospital, with a non-curative prognosis. He has always been my Forrest Gump, and I, his Jenny. When Lynn married us, in the hospital room, the miracles began. Her sense of the two of us, expressed through the most profound nurturing, divine grace, and gentleness of spirit, completely turned my husband’s condition around. The doctors, nurses, and, most especially, the hospital chaplain were, and continue to be, astounded by Lynn’s healing. She gave my husband HOPE, and a reason to live. That is every bit as powerful as modern medicine. Our gratitude is exponential."

Jessica & Andrew, Married

Jul. 2013

"Amazing Wedding Celebrant! We are so incredibly grateful to you for everything you have done to make our wedding so special. Your insight and your compassion have made the planning process so enjoyable. We appreciate all the advice you offered and all of your guidance to create a ceremony (and a great foundation for marriage) that is perfect for us. Thank you for always being a phone call away."

Katie & Nick, Married

Oct. 2012

"Beautiful Wedding Ceremony. It was a beautiful wedding that I know that you put extra effort into. It showed, and along with our translator friend made a truly memorable joining of two very different families."

Mother of the Bride

Jun. 2013

Photography: © Eric A. Wessman

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