The Power of Authenticity

To set the tone of this blog, I am sharing these words.

The real beloved is that one who is unique,
who is your beginning and your end.
When you find that one,
you’ll no longer expect anything else.

These are words written in the 13th century by Persian poet, Rumi, who passionately loved another man.

A short time ago in these United States of America, women and men who sincerely loved another of their own gender were not able to express their profound commitment to one another by marrying. Same-Sex couples did not have the legal right to be wed as they are now able to do as a result of their determination, personal risk and dedication to authenticity. This is cause for admiration and applause.

In the coming years, people of entire political and religious spectrums will look back and wonder how that right could ever have been denied–the right to be recognized, protected and given the benefits of married couples by our government, our neighbors and even ourselves. This will be much akin to the way we incredulously recall the historical shift in status of American women and black citizens when they gained the right to vote.

There is really only one question that everyone needs to be asked. What is really important in life? Is there anyone who can deny that love is the bottom line? The desire to love and to be loved is both irresistible and universal. When we are lucky and love’s power finds us, we become vulnerable to its vagaries. Genuine love is not logical and has little to do with age, race, wealth or gender. Love is a magnificent experience that has everything to do with feelings of familiarity, loyalty, support, values, and yes, physical warmth. Everyone deserves ownership to love whomever they wish!

Whoopi Goldberg said it best: “Really, darling, it’s a no-brainer. You know, I understand not everybody is for gay marriage. But if you’re not for gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person…”

–Rev. Lynn

Photo Above, Rev. Lynn Gladstone joyously performed the wedding of Martin and Oliver in CA, 2015

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